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Do you or someone you love have a Learning Disability?

In this short video were going to let you know how it is possible to improve your brain with ADHD treatment.

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Do you or someone you love have a Learning Disability?

For children have you tried yelling, bribing, tutoring, and hours of homework? Are grades are still low, or attitude is getting worse?

It's time to go to the root of the problem… the brain.

Go to the root of the problem… the brain.

It’s time to go to the root of the problem the brain.

Improving how your brain functions will permanently improve the ability to learn, remember and focus. This is very important because you need all three.

You need focus to have a chance to learn. If you can learn… but not remember what you’ve learned… learning is a waste of time.


ADHD Treatment to Improve your brain

Improving your brain is the first step to success at school, work, or home.

Then everything else falls into place, higher self-esteem, better relationship and a calmer fulfilled life.

My Name is Wes Beach, and I have ten years of experience, working with adults and children. To improve their ability to learn, remember, focus and make better decisions. Let’s get started!

When your brain is fully connected, your ability to remember what you’ve heard or read is working. Now that’s amazing!

I’ve had people that have never read a book in their life on purpose now they read for enjoyment.

ADHD Treatment, Finish homework on time and have fun with your family

Finish homework on time and have fun with your family

I had parents tell me after Brain Integration. Homework only took 30 minutes to an hour. Instead of all night long. Now they have time to enjoy and have fun with their children.

The biggest compliment I get from teachers is, “they are paying attention in class.” When your focus improves, everything improves.

I’ve had teenagers tell me there making better grades. I ask them if they’re studying more. They look at me like, “are you crazy, why would I study more” (teenagers you have to love em) Just focusing in class and retaining more when they did their normal amount of studying. This was enough to improve their grades. In time, people change their attitude and motivation to study because once they realize they can learn, remember and focus. Their difficulty for learning, are gone. Once you can do something, there’s a natural motivation to get it done.

It’s important to have full access to your frontal lobe, that’s the part of the brain responsible for making decisions. As well as improving organization, problem-solving, language, emotions, behavior, and impulse control. Now you can finally pay attention and complete a task, in a timely manner.

So…How do we make these changes?

ADHD treatment uses the principles of acupressure to improve learning, focus and emotions

Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is a drug-free, non-evasive therapy. Brain Integration uses the principles of acupressure, (that’s without needles) applied physiology and combines other modalities to improve learning ability and memory as well as increase comprehension skills.

We assess and correct 80 different areas of the brain. So you get the corrections you need because each person’s treatment is based on their individual test results.

Little girl with high self-esteem after ADHD treatment

Improves self-esteem and emotions

Brain Integration was created to help people with learning disabilities, but it does so much more. It improves self-esteem, emotions and the ability to handle daily stress, naturally.

Brain Integration does more than improving one person’s life; it also improves the many people around them.

How can we help you or someone you love?

The first step is to schedule a free assessment online or give us a call at 561-809-4985.

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