The Pain of Being Dyslexic

Dyslexia Treatment for Adults

Word may get scrambled or get lost.


Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the ability to read and write. Most dyslexics have trouble breaking down words into their sounds. Even if they are technically able to read a text, the comprehension isn’t there. In some cases, words and letters seem to pop out or dance around the page.


Dyslexia therapy can be highly effective especially when a plan is put in place while the person is young

Dyslexia Therapy can be highly effective for young children.

Jacob was almost eight years old before anyone saw that he had trouble reading. Like many dyslexics, he had developed coping strategies to hide his troubles. He didn’t want to disappoint his parents, teachers, and friends. Unfortunately, this masked the problem for too long. In third grade, the class started a new book. Jacob hadn’t had time to take it home and convince his mom to read it aloud to him, so they could share in the story. Without asking for volunteers, as his previous teachers had, his third grade teacher simply called on him to read out loud. Jacob began to cry.

Dyslexic people often:

  • Start to fall behind in their studies
  • Feel embarrassed when compared to classmates
  • Think they might be stupid
  • Have to work twice as hard as others

Dyslexia can make it more difficult to learn, but this doesn’t mean that dyslexics are lacking in intelligence. In fact, many dyslexics are highly intelligent and are able to mask the symptoms of the disability for a long time. Eventually, though, the difficulties can start to catch up.

Getting Help for Dyslexia

The Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is an effective form of Dyslexia Treatment.

The Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is an effective form of Dyslexia Treatment.

Once there’s a diagnosis, things start to fall in place. Schools get students the extra help they need from reading specialists or speech and language pathologists. Parents might hire a reading tutor that specializes in dyslexia. The solution may be as simple as putting a colored film over the words on the page.

All of these methods rely on overcoming the challenges that are naturally present in “the dyslexic brain.” Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is different. We use a non-invasive treatment that improves the way the brain works. These new learning pathways help to alleviate the symptoms of dyslexia and make it easier for you to learn.

Adults Suffer Too

Millions of adults have dyslexia. Many of these people were never diagnosed as children. By using various coping strategies, they can pass their classes, graduate, and go on to have successful lives. But the dyslexia is still there.

Is Your Dyslexia Holding You Back?

Have you always felt like you were smarter than you seemed to others? Did you ever wonder why it takes you a bit longer to do normal tasks? Do you ever spend time reading something, only to realize you didn’t understand what you just read?

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with dyslexia, blockages in your brain’s pathways could be negatively affecting your everyday life. It’s not too late to get help. Crossinology® can help adults with dyslexia just as much as it helps children.

How BIT Reduces the Symptoms of Dyslexia

If you’ve gotten this far in life, you probably have discovered which learning style works best for you and have chosen paths that focus on your strengths. Jodi Clements, president of the Australian Dyslexia Association, said in an interview, “The key for teens and adults is a positive construct of dyslexia, a clear understanding of one’s strengths in learning and how to overcome the weaknesses associated with dyslexia.”

Dyslexic people tend to be highly creative and good at solving problems. They might be artistic or good at mathematics and science. They also tend to have a strong work ethic, after years of having to work harder than their peers in school.

Dyslexia Treatment for Adults

Improving your reading and writing abilities.

BIT helps the brain to overcome its weaknesses. It changes the way that the brain processes information, turning your weaknesses into newfound strengths. Best of all, BIT can also improve your strengths. You’ll be a better person overall.

Our dyslexia treatment works best when combined with an individualized therapy plan that will help meet your goals. After BIT most people need supporting lessons or tutoring to catch up with their peers. With the newly improved brain the learning will be faster and easier. Call us today to set up an appointment to see how we can help.

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