Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique

The assessment takes one hour.
At that time an estimate can be given for the length of Brain Integration.
The basic correction program takes approximately twelve to sixteen hours, an estimate
based on the median time for treatment. The length of each person’s program varies
because of individual needs. Some people with only one or two areas of deficit may take
just six hours to complete the whole program, whereas others with many areas of deficit
need more time.

To schedule an appointment call: 561-809-4985

301 Camino Gardens Blvd, Suite 204, Boca Raton, FL 33432


“After one week I am seeing much progress with my son. We have taken him off of his ADHD meds and he is like I have never seen him before. I go into his room every day to do the spelling words and the multiplication and before I would have gotten real attitude with him wanting to put it off. Now he is ready when I go in to work on these things.”
– Ginger McCoy

“Tom got a 95% on his end of the year math final. Since he starting out the year with F’s I didn’t think that was possible. You made us both very happy!”
– Debbie

“You have done miracles on my little brain. I am now so much more focused. I can read and understand. This has given me so much more confidence.”
– SB

“In the past if someone attempted to give me directions I would not even hear them because I knew there was no way I would remember all of that information at once. Now I relax, hear, visualize and retain the directions easily.
– Judy

“The improved driving alertness and lessened anxiety were very pleasant unexpected benefits…. as well as less overall anxiety.”
– Denise

“Since Brain Integration I’ve noticed clarity of thought, better, clearer energy, much improved comprehension with reading, much better focus, motivation, organization and mood.”
– MG

“To get Johnny to do his homework used to be 3 hours of stress and arguments each night. After Brain Integration homework is only an hour and no attitudes. It’s a miracle!” Thanks,
– Cindy

“It is easy for me to relax and have confidence knowing that it is possible for me to learn, retain and remember knowledge. Most of my life I had the belief that I had a poor memory and thus could not learn well. I still have to review and study, but now I know I can choose to remember what is important to me. My brain works well and I have an excellent memory. I am a much better listener now. It is much easier for me to read material and stay focused. I now look forward to developing and exploring my full potential. Life is fun!”
– J. Atkinson

“Prior to your Brain Integration Therapy when my son did not take his medication he was very oppositional and could be down right mean. Now I have a different child. God sent me to you and I do believe that you will be rewarded and blessed in your life. The work you are doing is AMAZING. I am looking forward to having the BIT done to me when you return in September. I will keep in touch with his progress.”
-Ginger McCoy

“My yearly review was yesterday and my boss asked what happened 8 or 9 months ago (Brain Integration). All of the years at this job I have refused to do certain procedures that I thought I was not capable of doing. He said I was doing those procedures now and wanted to now why. Looking back, I didn’t even think about the changes in my life and work, until the evaluation. Thanks for changing my life, and for the best pay raise ever.”

“In my first 40 years of life reading was boring. Thanks to you I want to read and enjoy reading. I find myself buying 2 or 3 books at a time because I know I can read and retain the information. For a guy who never bought books that is very unusual. I didn’t finish college because of my very low reading comprehension. This one improvement has made the biggest change. Not just the ability, but confidence has spread though my whole life. There were many other changes you helped me with like spelling, not being able to sit still, and many more.”
– John

“My confidence is at new levels; I feel at ease speaking up and dealing with difficult situations and people. I also notice that I’m not so emotional and that I find it easier and tend to be on time. Allergies seem to be much better, too. In general, a huge improvement in a multitude of areas! ;))

Thank you a million times, I’m so grateful!”

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