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We specialize in improving brain function. That’s the key to alleviating symptoms of ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia.  We also help people that don’t have a learning disability. They might have to re-read everything or spend too much time getting things done.

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What our patients say


“My son’s homework used to be 3 hours of stress and arguments each night. After Brain Integration, homework is only an hour and no attitudes. It’s a miracle!”

Carlos Miami, FL

“My confidence is at new levels; I feel at ease speaking up and dealing with difficult situations. I also notice that I'm not so emotional and I’m on time. Thanks a million!”

Gloria Fort Lauderdale, FL
Aliana, mom of two teens with add adhd

“Wes worked with my two teenage boys. These subtle treatments brought profound changes in their lives, in focus, memory, and even self-esteem. Our deepest gratitude.”

Eliana Boca Raton, FL
Mom of child that was failing math

“Tom got a 95% on his end of the year math final. Since we started this year with F’s, I didn’t think that was possible. You made us both very happy!”

Debbie West Palm Beach, FL


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